Kris and Heather Hamilton

are the main instructors and trainers on the farm.











Kris Hamilton and her Husband, Jim Hamilton have built this farm over the years. Kris is an L graduate with distinction and is currently in the process of working towards her "r" in judging. She has earned her USDF Bronze and Silver medals and in 2018 she achieved her USDF Gold Medal. 

Heather Hamilton, is Kris' daughter. She grew up in the family business and has been serving next to her mom officially since 2011. She has earned her USDF Bronze and Silver Medals. She is currently an L Graduate and is in a program to work towards her L Graduate with distinction so she can go up the judging ladder. 

Kris and Heather are always trying to further their knowledge to ensure they are educating, teaching, training, and judging with clarity to help others on their dressage journey. They believe in living in the truth of the Basics and how they connect to the Training Pyramid. 

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The Dressage Arena

This beautiful rectangle that is shown before us is the comfort zone for us dressage riders. We need to use this comfort zone to our advantage and be bold within the walls of this 20 x 60 m creation. Let our comfort zone show our expressive gaits and accuracy of our geometry. Let our eyes be up looking at our next point of destination to create a harmonious transition, curve, or movement. This rectangle with soft footing to help our horses prance encompasses our beautiful sport we call dressage and we need to be proud and bring our best when we step into this rectangle with partnership, trust, and harmony.