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Full Care Board 

What does this include?

  • An area for your horse or horses to be able to get into shelter if they need to.

  • An area for your tack

  • Areas to groom and bathe.

  • Access to a facility that has arenas, a cross country field, a place to house your horse trailer.

  • Barn owners who live on property

  • Feeding 2x a day

  • Hay 2x a day

  • Beet pulp and electrolytes 1x a day.

  • Farm is closed on Mondays.

What is expected of Horse Owner?

  • Owner has to bring their own supplements/feed/hay if they wish to have something different than what is provided. ***This does not change the board cost.***

  • It is appreciated  and encouraged for the Owner to be present during vet and farrier visits.

  • Notify barn owner if anything major needs to be addressed/fixed.

  • Label any buckets, brushes, fans, leadropes, halters, etc… with your name in sharpee, ductape, etc.

  • Must be able to provide current coggins and vaccine record if asked for.

What is expected of Barn Owner?

  • Notify owner if something is wrong with their horse.

  • Maintain fencing and safety of horse/human zones.

  • Keep arenas, barns, waters, and farm tidy for use.

30 Day Notice:

  • If the horse chapter at Heather Ridge Farm/The Bunk House comes to an end and it is time to turn the page, a 30 day notice is appreciated. If a 30 day notice is not given prior to your departure date, the following months board is still expected. If you leave prior to the date given in your 30 day notice, there will be no refund. Once you leave the premises (on or before the date given) with your horse, the Barn Owner has the right to fill your spot asap even if it is in the time frame of the 30 day notice you have given.

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